You know, if she wasn’t such a beloved singer and the poet laureate of the teen set, Taylor Swift could easily forge a career as a model. With her trim figure, her height and that gorgeous face, Swift has all the requirements for a successful career on the runway.

Swift landed the cover of the April issue of the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar, reminding us that she could be a model. Excerpts from the interview and the behind-the-scenes video will be posted on Monday, March 5.

Swift’s hair is blown out and bedheaded, while the sleeveless, black and gold, somewhat color blocked and fringed Gucci ensemble she’s wearing looks like one of her stage dresses. She favors sparkly, fringed dresses during parts of her set.

Other images from the spread are black and white, with Swift in a sleeveless, black dress that she could easily wear to an upcoming function or event. She also cloaked in a Tom Ford black leather jacket and an adorned Proenza Schouler dress. It’s a very retro ’80s shot, but Swift works it. The normally wholesome singer looks a little more fierce than usual. But she wears the clothes. They never wear her.