Happy Cinco de Mayo! What did you go out and buy to prepare for your quarantined Cinco De Mayo party? Chances are much like every other American, you're all stocked up on Tequila and ready for margaritas and a whole lot of shots. According to Marketwatch.com tequila is king, at least it has been for the past 4 weeks.

Tequila sales have shot up 54.2% in the past month, could it be that we have a newfound love for Tequila in the states? Well, the truth is, we are quite the stockpilers of any form of alcohol these days. Is this something to be proud of? I think so, we are boosting the economy in our own unique way. Alcohol sales are up almost 25% over the past 7 weeks compared to the same exact 7 week period in 2019. However, Tequila is making the biggest strides when it comes to liquor sales. Irish Whiskey follows closely behind.


Jose Cuervo, 1800 Tequila, El Jimador, Herradura, and Patron all skyrocketed up in sales, by skyrocketed we mean 60%. That's a huge number to accomplish in 4 short weeks. Are people having some speakeasy tequila parties that we don't know about?

Several health experts worry that Americans are drinking too much during self-isolation, now we can't disagree after seeing the alcohol sales numbers, but how else are we supposed to cope with another one of our favorite holidays spent indoors? This is the first Cinco De Mayo that falls on Taco Tuesday. We are just itching to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a bunch of tacos and margs, is it too much to ask for less judgment from the feds and health officials?


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