I first started hearing about this trend over the Summer, but even as cooler temperatures have moved into East Texas, I’m still hearing friends ordering Ranch Waters.

There is some debate about the proper way to make the cocktail, and as with any new trend, bartenders at home and in public will put their own twist on things.

I’m all for it, get creative and let’s play. So, if you haven’t followed this trend or been surrounded by people drinking Ranch Waters like I have. Basically, it’s mineral water and tequila with some lime. That said, you can get creative with it and there are some who are particular about which tequila and which mineral water to use.

My husband has been tasting various tequilas this year. Our liquor cabinet has seen an influx of brands, as he has been trying to find his favorite. He has friends who prefer to just sip their tequila with water, and others who choose the full on Ranch Water.

Personally, I’m not really a tequila fan. I had an experience in my early twenties that haunts my memories, and when I smell tequila it turns my stomach. Maybe you can relate? Anyway, there is only one Ranch Water in Tyler that I enjoy, and it’s found at Javi’s.

They call it “The Usual.” It has sauza silver tequila, topo chico and fresh squeezed lime juice to taste. They deliver it unmixed to the table, so you can adjust the flavors yourself. You get a shot of tequila over ice, a small bottle of topo chico and fresh squeezed lime juice separately. I love it, because I can mix it my way, and it’s the only way I will drink tequila. I’m not even a fan of margaritas. I know, it’s an unpopular opinion.

If you’re thinking you want to try to make your own Ranch Water at home. It’s not that difficult, and I really appreciate this fun TikTok video that shows you how to make it in a Topo Chico bottle. I might just have to get some sauza silver and try this myself at home.

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