Imagine getting off after a long day at work, you have the ice chest in the back of the truck, you crack open a beer for your drive home. Some Texans were not too happy back in the day when some new laws went into place.

History of Drinking and Driving in Texas

So I happened to stumble upon this video this morning of a bunch of folks pissed about a new law going into effect when it comes to drinking and driving. I am assuming these are Texans because the guy is wearing a Fort Worth, Texas hat. It would be in the 1980's when Texas officially outlawed folks from driving around while consuming alcohol.

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September 1st, 1987 is when everything changed in Texas. Someone who was operating a motor vehicle could no longer consume alcohol while doing so. Passengers however could still partake in Texas. That would change in 1993 when new laws were put into place. However, you could still drive around with open beer, but not drink it?

''The Texas Legislature is not ready to pass a complete ban on open containers,'' said Eric Glenn, chief clerk for the House Committee on Liquor Regulation. ''Texans sort of pride themselves on personal freedom and feel it's their God-given right to rip up and down the highways with beer can in hand.'' 'In the Right Direction'

Am I insane, but why would you want an open beer in your car if you're not drinking it? I guess the sentiment was you went to a friend's house with a bottle of wine or something. You didn't finish it, so you take it home with you. That law would not change in Texas until September 1st, 2001. That is officially when open container laws went into effect in Texas. You could no longer have any open alcohol container in your motor vehicle.

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Before this Texas law went into effect, back in 1987. You could drive from Florida to New Mexico while drinking and driving. If you showed no signs of intoxication, you were legally allowed to do so. Nowadays this seems ludicrous, but times were different not too long ago.

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