We all know that the holidays are quickly approaching here in the great state of Texas. It won’t be long until there are way too many people all huddled in the kitchen all trying to help out but mostly just getting in each other's way. But with so much going on the last thing you can deal with is a problem in your kitchen like something not working properly, especially your garbage disposal.  

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As we prepare for big family meals it’s a necessity to have everything in your kitchen working. There are going to be bits of food that is not eaten and while most people will scrape that off into a garbage can some is going down your garbage disposal. Which is not a big deal as long as the items that go down the garbage disposal don’t ruin the sink attachment.  

Many Things Can Damage Your Garbage Disposal 

Lots of people have heard that awful sound of a spoon or fork accidentally falling into the garbage disposal, but hopefully you recognize the mistake quickly so you can remove the item (after the machine is turned off). But there are many things that can damage your garbage disposal, beyond damaging the unit you can also cause plumbing problems which can be a disaster. 

Items You Can’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal 

To avoid any big issues this holiday season or anytime of the year, let’s take a look at the items that you should never put down your garbage disposal. Instead, just throw them away in your garbage can.  

10 Items You Should NEVER Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The last thing you want to do is break your garbage disposal, so make sure you avoid putting these items down there.

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