Six feet tall and 300 pounds sounds like a good size to play football. But apparently that’s too big at age 12, and in that case league rules say the boy will have to stay on the sidelines.

Fox Sports Southwest did a story that many media outlets are covering, on the 12-year old boy from Mesquite, near Dallas, who was told after a weigh-in Sunday that he wouldn’t be able to play.

There is a 135-pound weight limit in the league, and that since Elijah Earnheart is more than double that weight, he’s banned from playing. The league said Elijah wasn’t the only player banned this season.

As a parent of girls, I’m happy I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt during a football game. If I had boys, I’d worry they might get squished. What do you think? Is the league right in issuing weight limits, or should all kids be allowed to play?