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As our nation plunges into the depths of the Coronavirus pandemic once again, the hardest hit cities during this "second wave" of crushing infection numbers are starting to see some cracks in their ability to handle it.  As if reports of hospitals running out of beds and/or staff to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 were bad enough, now 3 states where the situation is the most dire are having trouble dealing with the amount of casualties from this crisis.

Click2Houston is reporting that Texas has joined Florida and Arizona in the call for more refrigerated semi-trailers to hold the dead their overflowing morgues can no longer contain.  In Houston, the reports states that officials aren't just worried about those who are dying while under medical supervision in one of the areas over-packed hospitals - they're concerned with the unknown number of residents who have passed away at home.

The situation is calling for some extreme measures.  Reportedly, along with more body bags and refrigerated trailers to increase morgue and funeral home capacity - the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office has amended their policy to reduce the amount of people in the morgue (makeshift or otherwise) to cut down on the dwindling number of PPE (personal protection equipment) needed to work in those areas safely.

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