We all have that one spot where we keep random coins. It could be in your vehicle or in a jar at home but having loose change can almost feel like a burden at times. Not very often are you digging for coins, and when you need change it seems like you don’t have what you’re looking for. But don’t throw away those coins, that is real money, and it might be worth much more than you would expect.  

I have to admit finding out the value of coins is not anything that I paid attention to until recently. Unfortunately, my wife lost her grandmother a few months ago and as we were cleaning up her home, there was one person who was looking up the value of older coins and in the end the coins were more valuable than most people expected. While it wasn’t thousands and thousands of dollars, it was still an unexpected couple hundred dollars that helped with expenses. 

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What Coin Is Worth $300,000? 

Everyone wants to know if they have that $300,000 coin, so what coin is everyone looking for? If you have any pennies from 1943 you’re going to want to put those aside. During that time most pennies were being made of steel as copper was needed for World War II supplies. Although, some were still made of copper.  

It’s Those Copper Pennies You Want 

If you find a 1943 penny that is made of copper in good condition, put that in a safe spot immediately. Before jumping for joy, make sure you weigh that penny, it will weigh over 3 grams and should not stick to magnets. If you have one of those specific coins you might want to sit down with a coin appraiser to find out the exact value but you’re going to be happy about it.  

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