I've heard of the slow moving lane, but this is a bit much!

Highway signs are supposed to be informative, but one in Chimney Rock, Texas was quite confusing recently.

According to ABC 13, transportation officials say an equipment malfunction was to blame for electronic highway signs erroneously listing the speed limit as 20 mph on U.S.-59, near the State Highway 288 interchange.

Drivers were not doing anything close to the new speed limit, but it did cause a bit of concern.

Paul Mboumba was puzzled by the sign and said he didn’t want to get a ticket because the speed limit felt weird.

TxDot spokesman Danny Perez said in a statement:

We have new portable message boards as part of new 69/610 project smart work zone technology and they are malfunctioning. We are working to get it resolved.

Similar electronic signs have had issues in the past, often due to human interference. For instance in April 2018, the Washington State Department of Transportation apologized for a mishap with one of their digital signs displaying “U Suck!”

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