I’m sure that I am not the only person in Texas who loves to have a clean house, but doing the work to get it clean is not exactly the most fun. It’s difficult enough just to find time and energy to take on these tasks, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make cleaning certain items from around the house a little easier on yourself. Which is why I wanted to bring some of these ideas to you, including throwing some things in the dishwasher that you might not have known was even an option. 

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At our house, while there might be some tasks that we each take care of but when it comes to cleaning the house it’s normally a team effort as we all make a mess. And while I don’t mind helping out, I will admit my wife does a better job of deep cleaning things than I do, she notices things that need to be clean that I will talk past and never even notice. So, any cleaning tips like these I like to learn so I can try more helpful around the house.  

Let Your Dishwasher Do the Work 

There are so many things that your dishwasher can get clean beyond just your normal dishes. With so little time available to clean the house, it’s always better to ‘work smarter not harder.’  

Items You Can Put in Your Dishwasher 

In an effort to help you save some time The Family Handyman created a list of items you could wash in the dishwasher. Let’s look at those items because time is money, and we don’t have any to waste.  

Items That You Can Throw in the Dishwasher to Get Clean

There is a list of some items that you might not have known was possible to go into the dishwasher to get clean.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Good Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Freezer

Cleaning out a freezer is important to the use you get out of it; it can even add tears to the lifecycle of the appliance. Here are some good tips to doing it easy and properly.

Gallery Credit: Steve Tanko

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