Planning a wedding is a big HUGE task. You've got to figure out the specifics for the date, time, venue, music, photography, marriage officiant, wedding party, food, flowers, guest list, the wedding dress, the tux, and countless other details to make your day absolutely perfect. Usually, the couple has at least a few months between the proposal and the wedding day to get everything ready for the big day - but can you imagine trying to make all of this, from the proposal to the actual ceremony, happen in ONE day?

On June 7, 2013, Ryan Leak made this dream come true for his girlfriend of five years, Amanda Roman.

(Shout-out to all the men reading this story: This guy set the bar pretty high. Good luck.)

Purely by chance, Leak, 27, overheard his 25-year-old girlfriend telling her friend that she had always dreamed of getting engaged and married on the same day, though she had always doubted the possibility of making such an elaborate dream come true. However, Leak had a few tricks up his sleeve to turn that hope into a reality for his soon-to-be-bride.

So, how did Leak pull off such a huge surprise without raising any suspicions?

Ever heard of the popular image-sharing website, Pinterest? You know, the site where every girl has planned out literally every aspect of her fairytale life via "pins" from all over the internet? Leak scoured his girlfriend's "Dream Wedding" board on Pinterest for wedding planning inspiration, and with over 200 of her hand-picked wedding ideas, he hit the jackpot.

“She planned the entire wedding, without even knowing she planned the entire wedding,” Leak said.

Pretending to have planned simply a romantic getaway for their five-year anniversary, Leak flew his unsuspecting wife-to-be from Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida, where 100 of their closest friends and family members were secretly waiting to be a part of Ryan and Amanda's big day. I won't spill any more details, though - you can watch this love story unfold in the video below!

***Warning: Make sure you have some tissues handy - this video is definitely a tear-jerker!

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