There are a lot of ways to recycle that Christmas tree currently shedding it's "spirit of the season" all over your living room floor right now.  They're perfect for fishing spots, great for mulching, and a welcome addition to any mid-winter bonfire - but a man in Texas has probably found the best way possible for breathing new life and purpose into your retired tannenbaum.

US Army veteran Jamie Willis left the military service to his country officially "100% unable to work."  When the VA gave him a cane so he could get around, he was less than enthused.  According to the 54-year old vet, it kept collapsing on him and "had no style."  That's when Willis learned about  Free Canes for Veterans, an organization dedicated to serving those who served - and as a result had trouble getting around.  Unfortunately, by the time Jaime got to them - they had no more canes to give.  That's when he decided to take matters into his own hands - literally.

According to a report from WTKR, this Texan made his own.  Then he made hundreds more for vets that needed them as well.  Now, he has found a way to create joy and freedom for our bravest men and women from Christmas trees long after they have sheltered countless gifts for our families.

Jaime takes limb-less trees and turns them into stylish and trustworthy walking canes for veterans.  According to the report, it takes him about one day to turn your tree into a cool walking assistant - and he turns them out as fast as he can.

Since Copperas Cove, Texas may be a bit far for you to drive with your stripped down tree to donate - James has other needs.  He is always accepting donations of sandpaper and woodworking tools so that he can continue his work.  Jaime has another need - volunteers.  Specifically, he wants others to continue this work and make these canes more accessible so that no service member is left behind.

If you'd like to help, check out his Facebook page here.

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