If the World Series ticket prices don't break the bank, a trip to the concession stand sure will.

The Texas Rangers Are Prepared to Make a TON of Money This Weekend

Of course the games tonight and Saturday will be completely sold out. Then you have all the world series merch people will be buying, beer of course, and then your standard ballpark food. Well, the Texas Rangers have a brand new food option. That's right, simply for the World Series you will be able to get this below.

The $250 Texas Rangers World Series Meal

Yes for $250 you get the traditional Texas Rangers Boomstick (normally cost $26). The Boomstick Burger(normally cost $35). Finally, that means the new option for the World Series the Three Strike Lobster Roll comes to whopping cost of $189. Apparently if you want to buy one, you must buy all three things together. Hopefully if you're going to the game, you're bringing a lot of friends or showing up on a completely empty stomach.

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I have said the Boomstick Burger is one of the worst things I have ever eaten in a ballpark, so I would avoid this at all costs. You will be able to buy this at Stand 24 at the top of Section 133. Only ten will be sold at every World Series game.

That's Not All, Check Out the Heim Hammer

I have to be honest, the Rangers announcing lobster as their World Series is meal is not very Texas. Seems like something the Red Sox would do. However, the Heim Hammer is 100% Texas right here. You apparently get this beef shin and a bunch of tortillas for $99. For the love of God Rangers put this in the regular season and I will buy it! Hurtado's BBQ is near Section 141 at Globe Life Field.

Texas Rangers First Home Game Tonight

Rangers fans are guaranteed at least two home games. First pitch is right after 7PM tonight and Saturday. Remember, the Rangers do not get home field until game six and seven. After Saturday, it's three straight in Arizona. Hopefully the Rangers get to sell more of the Hein Hammers besides this weekend, but I think most Rangers fans would be happy with a World Series win even if it happened in the desert.

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