When our little ones in Texas get sick, it's not fun for anyone.

When kids get sick in the Lone Star State, it seems like all of them get sick at same time to right? It just takes one child in Texas to get that rare summer cold, and then suddenly there's 25 kids that have it. So suffice to say, child's health is important to many parents.

Sometimes though, the sickness is more complex than a simple cold. It could even require a hospital stay. Which is a scary thought for anyone who has a child. Nobody wants to see their child in a hospital bed.

But when a parent brings their child in for care, they expect the best. But for those who reside in the Lone Star State, there is much work to be done.

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Data Reveals Children's Healthcare In Texas Needs Improvement



To find out where the Lone Star State ranked in children's healthcare, Wallethub compiled the data. There were four major factors that weighed into the decision:

- Kids’ Health & Access to Health Care
- Kids’ Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity
- Kids’ Oral Health

For Texas, the state ranked 50th in Kids’ Health & Access to Health Care, Kids’ Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity Rank for the state was placed at 39th, and 41st in Kids’ Oral Health Rank.

Those numbers aren't promising for the state as it turns out. In the overall rankings, Texas was placed at 49th in the nation. The Lone Star State, simply put, has a lot of work to do in improving.

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