I don't know too many folks who don't love BACON. Bacon is a meat candy that makes damn near every thing better. What used to be exclusively for breakfast now can be used in almost anything from sandwiches, to salads to even ICE CREAM, bacon is delicious and a top 5 meat in America and I will hear no further debate on the topic.

That's why when I heard the news of a Texas town changing its name to showcase their love for this incredible meat candy, I was not only intrigued but I think its time to present an interesting challenge to an East Texas town named after something most folks have with breakfast too.

The Town Of Vernon, Texas Plans To Change Its Name For One Weekend Only

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located roughly halfway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Amarillo, Vernon, Texas prides itself on being known as "where the real West begins" and "the title of Hibiscus Capital of Texas" according to their website.

The Town Is Also The Birthplace Of Wright Brand Bacon


In 1922, Egbert Eggleston, his son Fay and son-in-law Roy Wright started the Wright Brand Bacon in the back of their small grocery store in Vernon 100 years ago according to the brand's website.

In celebration of those roots, the City of Vernon will be officially renamed Bacon City, USA from Sept. 16-17 and Wright Brand is looking for a mayor to preside over Bacon City.

Wanna Be The Mayor Of Bacon City, USA??

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This is a bacon lover's DREAM because not only will you get to preside over a Texas town for a weekend, you can also get paid a lifetime supply of Wright Brand real wood-smoked bacon which will be presented to you in the form of a $11,000 check. Not bad right? So here's what you need to do:

  • Submit a one-minute video detailing your unique qualification and why you deserve to be the mayor
  • Officials say they would love to see creativity, such as ballads, dances, raps, poems, or any other kind of performance
  • Applications will be accepted through July 31 at their website HERE

What Say You Coffee, City? How About A Weekend Name Change?

Coffee City EDC
Coffee City EDC

When I first read about this, I immediately thought of all 278 of yall in Coffee City, TX. I suggest yall follow in this town's footsteps and see if maybe for a weekend yall may want to rename yall town after something coffee related. Maybe "Starbucks City" or "Folgers Town"....Just think about it and have your people call my people.

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