Face it, you get in your car after a lousy day at work where your boss hounds you for not getting those expense reports in on time and Jeff was hogging the microwave with his French onion soup, causing you to have to eat your meal cold.

The last thing you want to see before getting home for a bubble bath and glass of red wine is someone riding your bumper in traffic or going for the world record for slowest Honda Civic in history.

These situations are often what breed road rage across the country, but some states see more than others.

Within the past decade alone, the top four states with the most road rage incidents, with guns involved, were Tennessee with 263 cases, California with 321, Florida with 488, and Texas at 741 cases, according to thetrace.org.

Also, within the top five cities in America with the most incidents of road rage involving firearms within the past decade, two of them are in The Lone Star State:

Chicago, IL (75 cases); Milwaukee, WI (105 cases); San Antonio, TX (107 cases); Memphis, TN (107 cases); Houston, TX (215 cases).

Many of these cases can be difficult to close, as often times the suspect will drive off after injuring or killing a fellow driver.

In legal terms, road rage is more commonly referred to as 'aggressive driving' and can result in punishments ranging from fines to jail time.

The Texas Department of Insurance offers ways to avoid provoking anger-prone drivers, including avoiding tailgating, letting other drivers pass, and using your signals appropriately.

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