In case you didn't know, real estate in California is super expensive. These prices will seriously make you grateful to live in East Texas.

We do have a lot of great things going on in Tyler, and one of them is reasonable real estate value. The home above in L.A. is listed for $1,629,000, and is currently (at the time of this writing) the cheapest listed house with a pool. It's pretty small, too. This home has only 1,337 square feet.

The price per square foot is $1,218, almost 12 times as much as in Tyler, TX. To be fair though, this house does have a rooftop deck with a beautiful view (is there one in Los Angeles?) of the city.

Take a look at the  cheapest home listed in Tyler with a pool. Here, you're paying $124,000, for house of almost the same size, 1,313 square feet. The price per square foot in Tyler is $94.

I'm thankful to be living in beautiful East Texas, where the real estate prices are reasonable!

Apartments, condos and shared pools did not count in this exercise.

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