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If your garage or storage building in the backyard in Tyler, Texas has some old, outdated, unused furniture, appliances, large kids' toys, old carpet, or other big items that are just sitting there taking up space and you have no way to haul it off, all you got to do is get it to the curb and the City Of Tyler will haul it off for you for free in October.

There are limitations, but we'll get to those in a moment. This is a free service that is offered by Tyler's Solid Waste department so there's no need to call them to arrange a pickup just as long as it's curbside on the specified date.

A free bulky item pick-up event is happening in October and it depends upon your trash schedule.

City Of Tyler residential customers who are trying to discard the following items may place them curbside to be picked up during Bulky Item Week:

  • furniture
  • appliances
  • carpet
  • fence material
  • old toys
  • large items that would normally require a call and fee to be picked up.
  • paint that has been dried out with oil dry or kitty litter

So about the limitations - these things WILL NOT BE PICKED UP during Bulky Item Week:

  • liquid waste
  • tires
  • limbs
  • brush
  • tree stumps
  • construction material

Pick up schedule for Bulky Item Week in Tyler:

  • Monday and Thursday trash collection days - items will need to be placed curbside by 6 a.m. Monday, October 2nd, but no sooner than 5 p.m Friday, September 29th.
  • Tuesday and Friday trash collection days - items will need to be placed curbside by 6 a.m. Monday, October 16th, but no sooner than 5 p.m. Friday, October 13th.

Don't worry if your bulky items are still there after your regular trash day, your larger items may be picked up on a different day. However, if you've placed the items there by the scheduled day and time and they are still there on Monday, October 23rd, you can call the Tyler Solid Waste Department at 903.531.1388 to schedule a pick-up.

Don't be alarmed if this happens to you as it did to me last year. I placed an old refrigerator by the curb - WITH THE DOOR REMOVED BY THE WAY - and within an hour someone else had come by and hauled it off! My guess is they did it for parts or to sell it to the scrap yard. Either way, I was good because it was gone. It took a bit longer for the fence materials to be picked up though.

Now if for some reason you can't participate in this free program because you may be out of town or other circumstances, some bulky items can be taken to the City Of Tyler Recycling Denter at 418 N. Bois D'Arc Ave. during their normal business hours. The recycling center will accept the following items:

  • Paper (newspapers, magazines, phonebooks, ads and office paper)
  • Cardboard of any type (broken down)
  • Plastic (rinsed and crushed #1 and #2 HDPE, lids removed; examples- water or soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles)
  • Glass (rinsed clear, green, brown and blue glass bottles and jars with lids removed) - NO MIRRORS
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Electronics (computers, TVs, monitors, cell phones, chargers and other portable devices)
  • Metal (copper, aluminum, brass and steel)
  • Aluminum cans (rinsed and crushed, no aluminum pie plates or tin)
  • Household appliances, including air conditioners and refrigerators, DO NOT require a disposal fee the week of Oct. 2 with a current Tyler Water Utilities bill
  • Motor oil/hydraulic fluid (small quantities)
  • Automotive batteries/anti-freeze (small quantities)

For more information on this free event offered by the City Of Tyler call 903.531.1388.

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