Good news for those that like the idea of getting a COVID-19 test whenever they want and from the comfort of their own home. The first home test for COVID-19 (with no prescription) is coming soon.

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized an over the counter rapid coronavirus test which can be done entirely at home.

If you're hoping for an at-home test that doesn't require the old nasal swab, sorry to say, that's not going to be the case with this rapid test.

According to AP,  the kit includes a nasal swab, a chemical solution and a testing strip. The test connects digitally to a smartphone app that displays the results and then helps interpret the results. Users can also connect with a health professional via the app.

It's going to be as simple as going to the drugstore to purchase the kit, swabbing your nose, run the test, and in 20 minutes get the results. That sure as hell beats going to see your doctor and then waiting seven days for the results. If I remember correctly that's about how long people had to wait in the early stages of the pandemic.

The rapids test will cost around $30 and should be available in early 2021. The initial supply will be limited from what I understand but will ramp up production in the first part of the year.

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