One of the major films opening this weekend is The Girl in the Spider's Web. Clare Foy takes on the titular role of Lisbeth Salander. The books is great read, and I'm excited to see the film.

If you're a fan of the Millennium book series which began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this is the fourth story, and first written by David Lagercrantz. The creator of the characters and the original author, Stieg Larsson, died of a heart attack after completing the third novel.

I've listened to four of the five books in the series on audible, and seen the Swedish films based on the original three novels as well as the Hollywood version of Dragon Tattoo. I find the characters in the story as fascinating as the story lines that are interwoven in the past and present as well.

Lisbeth is a strong female heroine, but one that will likely rub you the wrong way. She has dealt with a great deal of pain, suffering, neglect and isolation. Her backstory plays out dramatically in the third novel.

This fourth novel sees her in a new more independent role, and taking on justice for others. If you're into thrillers and dark heroines this film may be one for you to see. I

'm looking forward to it, not only because I enjoy the storyline so much, but also to see Clare Foy take on the role. She is charming, coy and warm as the young Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's The Crown, so I'm eager to see her in a role quite the opposite.

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