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Christmas brings out the best of KiddNation. Members of KiddNation are looking for ways to spread Christmas cheer to those who may need some assistance during this joyful time of the year. Whether that help is for food, bills, putting some presents under the Christmas tree or just support, KiddNation wants to help out.

Thanks to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, some families that are facing a difficult time could be surprised with a granted Christmas Wish for them by someone they know or they don't even know thanks to the thoughtfulness of KiddNation.

Nominations are now being accepted for these special families. If you know of a family that has had a particularly hard year and it looks like they might not have much of a Christmas for the family, we want to hear from you. You can nominate a family in need and your wish for them this year could be granted.

Every child deserves to wake up on Christmas morning and see a present for them under the tree.

It's pure joy and happiness for a kid on Christmas morning when they get to unwrap something that is meant specifically for them. If you know of a family that could use some support like this for their children nominate them for a Christmas Wish.

A 'MASCARA ALERT' has been issued while listening to Christmas Wishes being granted.

While hearing some of these stories on the show, it's going to be hard to hold back the tears, so we're just alerting you now before you apply that mascara! Get your nominations in early, the last Christmas Wish will be granted on Friday, December 15th. While The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show grants wishes of all kinds, it will be impossible to grant and make every wish come true that is submitted to the show.

Let's spread the holiday generosity and get some kids some clothes, bikes, games, and toys plus let's help out the adults in the family too! They deserve something special too.

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