It wasn't just East Texas that had the crazy extreme winter weather this week.

If you didn't notice, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show was airing 'best of shows' on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week and that's because of the winter storm that delivered a devastating blow not only to East Texas, but the Dallas metro too. Given the cast has been broadcasting the show from their homes over the last ten months, putting on a show everyday requires a couple of important things: electricity and reliable internet connectivity. Something which was in short supply this past week.

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Finally things worked out for Friday's show. They all had electricity and a reliable internet connection to stay on the air. Honestly, they missed KiddNation members and looked forward to returning to the air. The show kicked off with Big Al's prayer and then turns it over to J-Si to talk about his anxiety of the possibility of waking up to no internet again after having spotty service on Monday and none until Friday morning. He wasn't alone with his struggles this week. The cast talks about how they dealt with the winter storm of the century in the following best of audio segment.

Listen to "What A Crazy Week!" on Spreaker.

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