This is such a sad sight to see. 

People from up north love to make fun of us Texans for not being able to handle cold weather. And I’ll be the first to own up to not being a fan of winter. I’ll take being hot over being cold any time. 

The thing is, I’m from North Texas, where we get all the extremes when it comes to weather. I’ve experienced temperatures well over 110° as well as sub-zero temps.

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But South Texas folks rarely deal with below-freezing temperatures. So, it can be devastating for them when an arctic blast comes through. 

Cold temperatures can be especially devastating for the ecosystem. 

As the guy in the video below points out, the weather in Texas can be bipolar this time of year. In this case, the weather in South Padre Island went from 70° and sunny one day to 35° and freezing the next. 

You’re probably thinking 35° isn’t all that cold. But it is when your body is conditioned to much warmer temperatures. It’s a real shock to the system. 

As you can see in the video, the cold snap resulted in thousands of fish dying. And that’s just right there in the immediate area. So, there’s no telling how many fish died throughout the region.

@rental.cashflow It stinks so bad... To those of you guys in the Midwest, making fun of us in Texas for complaining about the "freezing" temperatures last week....this is what happens when it goes from 74° to 35° in a 24 hour period. This is right off the back door of our condo. I don't think I'll be fishing for a while. #texasfreeze #texaswinter #fishingissues #swimwiththefishes #southpadreisland #badsmell #deadfish ♬ original sound - Matt Krueger | Rental Cashflow

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