The Tesla Cybertruck is still so new that when you see one, it's a little surprising to see. If you are like me you do a double take and try to decide what you really think about the vehicle. While the Cybertruck has it's detractors, it also has a lot of fans and a lot of them gathered in Texas over the weekend.

The Tesla Owners Club of Austin hosted what they called the Cybertruck Rodeo at the Domo Dove Nest Motorsports Club of Central Texas which is located in Gatesville. The Cybertruck Rodeo went down on Sunday and according to KWTX, it was also called the largest gathering of Cybertrucks in the world.

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The group first met-up at Buc-ee's in Temple, so they could charge up and no the report didn't say how long that took. Then they traveled to Gatesville where it sounds like they had some fun.

“We did off road trails. We did a dirt track where we just did donuts. We had the best time, great, great turnout,” Holm said.

Organizers say this was the largest gathering of Cybertrucks to date as the trucks are slowly rolling out to the public since their debut in November of 2019.

According to KWTX, most of those who participated were from Texas, but others came from as far as Miami and New York.

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