We're a few weeks into Fox's new mysterious show. Are you a fan?

On January 2, Fox premiered a new reality singing competition show, The Masked Singer. Rather than watching everyday people compete for fame and glory, we are seeing celebrities show off their talents. The catch is that we have no idea who these people are. They could be actors, actresses, athletes, or even actual singers.

They are disguised in ridiculous, over-the-top costumes.

Each week a singer's identity is revealed after an in-studio audience vote. The singer with the least number of votes must take off their mask. Antonio Brown, Tommy Chong and Terry Bradshaw have been unmasked in the first three weeks. Many larger-than-life characters remain in the competition singing each week.

Are you watching? I will admit that when I first saw the ads for it I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. However, I find myself getting way too involved at times while watching. I’m also super competitive and debating who these people are with others is engaging. Not to mention the anticipation that builds right before that mask is pulled off.

What do you think? Train wreck? Or genius?

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