I am not a watcher of reality television. It's cheap entertainment for the networks to put out just to save some money. Some of it is so scripted that it's not even reality by any stretch of the imagination. For my girlfriend Amber, however, she has an obsession with watching these types of shows and wants me to watch them with her. I do, but will play on my phone while half watching them. It did get me to thinking, however, how some of these reality shows could match up pretty well with many of our East Texas towns.

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When Amber stays with me, we have to watch the syndication of Cheaters on VH1 on Saturday mornings. She gets so into it. I laugh at how bad the writing is for the show. She also likes to watch My 600-lb Life or 1000-Lb. Sisters or, more recently, she's gotten into Love After Lockup. All I can do is either get depressed watching the stories (My 600-lb Life), wonder why these very non-entertaining and boring people have a TV show (1000-Lb. Sisters) or just facepalm at the stupidity that's on screen (Love After Lockup).

People would say the same thing about me playing video games or watching Japanese Anime shows like My Hero Academia or Dragon Ball but that's not the point here.

It got me to thinking, however, about how some of our East Texas towns would match up pretty well with the many reality shows out there. From the Keeping Up With the Kardashians (how does a family become so famous for doing absolutely nothing?) to singing competitions, to the famous-for-just-acting-stupid (Jersey Shore) shows, here's which East Texas towns compare best to reality TV shows.

Reality Show that Best Matches an East Texas City

We decided to have a little fun and match several East Texas cities with a reality show that best encapsulates that town. Have a sense of humor with some of the matches, please.

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