New Kids on the Block came back on to the scene a couple of years ago by combining tours with Backstreet Boys. This started a bit of a trend of bands of the late 90's-early 2000's making a comeback. Well now, NKOTB and two more of the biggest boy bands of that era are going on tour this year, making one heck of a comeback.

Donnie Wahlberg confirmed this morning to Ryan Secreast that NKOTB would indeed be headlining a tour this year. The opening acts? None other than 98 Degrees and Boys II Men. Tweens of the 90's rejoice! 'The Package' tour kicks off May 31st Uncasville, CT.

“We’ll have plenty of surprises! With all those egos in one building at the same time! You know there’s going to be a lot of crazy and fun stuff going on. We’re gonna pull out a lot of surprises every night. We’re going to try and pull in as many special guests as we can, and do as many fun things as we can,” says Donnie.

98 Degrees recently made their return to the music scene when they performed on the TODAY show after ten years apart. Afterwards Drew Lachey told Rolling Stone that the guys were headed back to the studio.

"We're all in a place where we can get behind it and give it a good run. We've been talking about it for years, but someone would have a commitment for a six-month period and after that someone else would have a commitment. We didn't want to go out without the complete line-up. It had to be all four of us."

The only thing missing from making this the best tour ever is Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC. That would be my all of childhood dreams come to life. Granted, most of these guys are in their 30's-40's now and married with kids.

Boys II Men had a long string of hits in the 90's, but have been somewhat quiet as of late. There was talk of a reunion tour, but nothing really ever surfaced, until now. Hopefully this isnt "The End of The Road" for them!

"The Package Tour" featuring New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees, and Boys II Men will be at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on June 28. Click here to get your tickets for this once in a life time reunion.

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