A couple of weeks ago we were at a friends house and I ended up watching "The Polar Express" starring Tom Hanks with one of their small children, it's a movie I've seen many times and this time I got sucked into watching the entire thing that evening and you know, it never gets old! If you've never seen it, it is a must see movie and another great way to experience the movie is on the Texas State Railroads' Polar Express Train Ride.

For the sixth year now, the Polar Express train will depart the Palestine depot bound for the North Pole! It's a lot of fun because you and the kids can wear your pajamas, enjoy hot chocolate and cookies on your way to the North Pole and once there kids receive a special gift from Santa and his elves.

The Polar Express Train Ride will offer rides to the North Pole on the Texas State Railroad from November 16th through December 29th. You'll want to book your voyage early because this East Texas tradition sells out pretty quickly.

Earlier today, Dave Goldman wrote about the most popular Christmas movie, which is "A Christmas Story", but that would be a hard decision for me to make because that is one of my favorites too along with "The Polar Express"! Check out the story and let us know what your favorite is.