So much for "a million percent false." Lindsay Lohan may be pathetic, but she wasn't following the Wanted's tour bus around at the tail end of 2012 and meeting Max George's parents for nuttin'.

The singer confirmed that he did hook up with the former actress. He and his groupmates also shared that they want to work with Taylor Swift. Now that'd really fan the flames of their "beef" with One Direction.

The boys were at E! to promote their upcoming reality show and their upcoming album, which has a working title of 'The Wanted Life.' When asked if he and LiLo "snogged," George answered affirmatively. "Yes, we did—a little one," he said.

We dunno how you do that "a little one," but...we'll take it as an affirmation.

But don't go shopping for a wedding present, since it's not serious. It's also not current. "She's a friend of all of ours and she is a lovely girl," George said. He also was quick to point out that he's not in contact with her or aware of her whereabouts, saying, "We wish her all the best wherever she is." What a strategic and diplomatic way to say "She's not my girlfriend" and "NEXT!"

As for T. Swizzle? Maybe George should date her, since we hear she's single. George thinks "she's really good," while Nathan Sykes confessed that the band has a song in mind that'd be "perfect" to feature Swift. The title? 'Heartbreak Story.'

"Someone mentioned that and we thought, 'Wow, that's a really good idea,'" Jay McGuiness said. "So we could get on that."

Get on that. Hit that. Whatever.

Maybe LiLo should start chasing Harry Styles.

What a tangled web…

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