I love seeing all the Halloween costumes...little kids and big kids alike dressing up for the holiday. However, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I had to do a double-take because I thought my eyes were deceiving me. But yes, those are real people inside boxes to look like life-size Barbie dolls.

I immediately thought of this video about something similar..anyone else see the similarity?

I contacted the person responsible for the picture, Alysia Marie Wilson, to get the backstory on this awesome group effort.

Each year, U.S. Dermatology Partners of Tyler participates in a Halloween Costume contest. Wilson said It's a great group project and team building exercise. This year, they chose the Barbie theme.

"We spent our afternoons, after surgery, cutting boxes, taping them together, & painting," Alysia Marie said. "In the end, it was all worth it."

They had fun putting the pieces together, although some were trying to fall apart during the process! Each nurse chose their own theme Barbie, and two of the surgeons joined in as well.

I am absolutely in love with this group picture of a local business, and to me, and if I were judging best social media costumes, they would win in the category for Best Group Picture.

Happy Halloween!

Picture courtesy Alysia Marie Photography
Picture courtesy Alysia Marie Photography

Pictured above:  Barbie Homemaker: Jennifer Gatlin, RN: Workout Barbie Alysia Wilson, RN: GI Joe Ken Dr.William Grabski: Sleepover Barbie Mikaela Ross, RN: Native American Indian Barbie Brittany Goodman, RN: Western Barbie Emily Hesterley, RN: Doctor Ken Dr.Lawrence Anderson: Wild Wild West Barbie Kathryn Harris, SPT: Ballgown Barbie Jocelyn Carrizales, RN.

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