You know that movie "We Bought a Zoo"? Did you ever stop to think to yourself: "dang, I want a zoo, too!"? Well I have got great news for you!

The Franklin Drive Thru Safari in Robertson County is now on the market and looking for new owners. According to a listing from Texas Ranch Sales, LLC., the Franklin Drive-Thru Safari, located off Highway 79, the property not only comes with the over 240 acres, the wildlife park, a 5,000 square foot main home but it also comes complete with the animals!

First off, having a full on drive-thru safari in the middle of Central Texas is an amazing feat- but to now have the chance to own it? That's amazing! Check out this run through of what you could be getting:

There isn't a listing price, but the website does direct you to send in an inquiry.

Check out some of the photos of the property below:

Central Texas Wildlife Park for Sale with Animals Included

The Franklin Drive Thru Safari in Robertson County is now on the market and looking for new owners- the best part? It comes with the animals! 

How cool does it look?

According to the listing, the sale will also include the gift shop. And if you're planning on making this your home, the main home includes five bedrooms and three bathrooms, two living areas, an office, and a spacious game room with pool and shuffleboard tables, as well as a bar.  In addition, there is a 3,200 square-foot guest house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and seven two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabins that can be rented out to guests.

If you're not interested in buying the whole property, the listing does have purchase options:


  • Purchase all 240 acres
  • Purchase just the Safari
  • Purchase just the property in the back (which includes the main house)


If you want to see more of the property, click here.

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