If you're tired of seeing posts from certain people fouling up your timeline on Facebook, you have several options.  You can snooze them or unfollow them, but sometimes that's just not enough.  When you're fed up with racist memes and/or pyramid schemes, the so-called nuclear option is to unfriend them altogether.  Sunday, November the 17th is National Unfriend Day - a day set aside to cull those you deem unworthy from your distinguished list of besties.

We have late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to thank for this holiday dedicated to raising the collective IQ of your friends list.  Back in 2010, this self-care pioneer started a tradition that has helped countless thousands reclaim their digital sanity by reducing the amount of trash in their timelines.  By refining your list of connections on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you really are creating a happier social media experience.

You shouldn't stick your head in the sand by removing or hiding opinions that don't match your own.  That being said, do you really need to see that what that girl you kinda knew from high school is having for breakfast?  Unfriend wisely.

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