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East Texans were holding up and playing with record-setting icicles this time last year. Thankfully that's not happening this year (so far). Now anyone who was living in East Texas, or Texas for that fact, around Valentine's Day 2021 definitely remembers the deadly winter storm that paralyzed the state of Texas. It was the storm of the century, named 'Uri' by The Weather Channel, that brought huge amounts of snow along with brutal sub-zero temperatures and wind chill factors well below zero.

Some in Tyler feared a repeat of last year's event when it unexpectedly began snowing huge flakes this past Saturday (February 12th) in the central and eastern part of the city. While last year's storm produced some huge fluffy white flakes that set snowfall records, it also brought some record-shattering low temperatures too as well as a high demand for energy.

There was such a demand for power, power generators couldn't keep up with the demand and much of the state had either rolling blackouts or no power at all. This is an event that Texans never want to live through again because, let's face it, we're just not built to withstand anything like that.

Just about the only thing growing this time last year was the icicles that were precariously dangling from our rooftops. Many were record-setting in their own way and many East Texans shared the remarkable dagger-like ice formations with us.

Let us take a look at and be reminded of what mother nature created for us during the 2021 winter storm and let's hope we never have to live through anything like that again.  Scroll through the gallery to see if your picture was picked up from our Facebook pages.  Pics are listed in alphabetical order according to the first name.

175 Beautiful East Texas Icicles

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