What in the "little pig, little pig let me in!" is going on here?

Being a native of Chicago we are known as the city of 'Big Shoulders' however, there is also a saying "Big things come in small packages" as TikTok went into a frenzy over this 'Skinny House' that was recently taken off the market.

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I was taken aback by this home located in the suburb of Deerfield, Illiinois.  The famous 'Pie House' located at 970 Chestnut Drive is more than meets the eye by having over 1,122 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, and finished basement.



TikTok user eli.korn_ posted the video last week and immediately went viral gaining over 330 reactions and nearly 5000 hilarious comments from users saying "That's not a house!  That's a hallway.", another comment was chanting "PUSH IT OVER!  PUSH IT OVER! PUSH IT OVER! PUSH IT OVER! PUSH IT OVER! PUSH IT OVER! PUSH IT OVER!", while another caption read "How can I go out and feel confident when houses in 2020 look like this?"

This house is so small you can walk in the front door and trip out the back!

I am not going to lie, being a native Chicagoan this house does not make me confident (as we all know Chicago is "The Windy City") that if a strong wind comes in.....well you get the idea.

Nevertheless, this 'Skinny House' was recently taken off the market per the New York Times on Friday (August 7th) for just $260,000 which is slightly lower than the original asking price of $269,900.

This home was built in 2003, and it nearly 20 feet wide to get more info click here.

I think I am getting claustrophobia!

Chicago's 'Skinny House'

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