It's interesting to see how a city changes and grows throughout time, often after big changes happen we can forget what the landscape looked like before because we get used to the new as it becomes normal.

While watching a video posted on the James McVay channel on YouTube, James drove a route along I-20 into Lindale to Hwy. 69 into Tyler, then along Loop 323 back to Hwy. 69 south out of Tyler making his way to Bullard and eventually Rusk.

Watching this video, that was created almost six years ago to the day (uploaded July 8, 2011 and writing this it's July 12, 2017), you can see a lot of new additions and changes have been made along his route! You've got to be quick to see the changes because of the time lapse video! One of the first things I noticed was there's no Toll 49 heading into Lindale. When he hits the red light at Loop 323 and Van Hwy. (Hwy. 110), gas at the Exxon station was $3.45 a gallon! Today's it's sitting at $1.99. Loop 323 is still two lanes under the railroad tracks at Hwy. 31. Earl Campbell Parkway is still under construction near Sam's on the loop.

As James makes his way down S. Broadway (Hwy. 69), here's where you'll notice all the changes that will by flying by you at lighting speed! Grub Burger Bar at Grande is not even a building, Red Barn Square is still home to the Little Red Schoolhouse, Carretta's is in front of Target where Razzoo's is today! There is no Slim Chickens or Christus Mother Frances Hospital as he approaches Cumberland. The last noticeable change, and it's a big one, is the non-existent Village At Cumberland Park! What is now a huge retail shopping center is nothing but trees (besides Academy) from Cumberland to Toll 49!

I thought it was cool to see the numerous changes that have been made along this route. I'm sure there were several more changes that flew by me while watching this video. If you noticed some that I didn't, please let me know by writing about it in the comment section below!

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