Toll 49 in south Tyler is nearing completion and will soon connect south Tyler from Hwy. 110 between Tyler and Whitehouse to I-20, just west of Lindale. It was previously announced form other media outlets that the final stretch of the toll road would be opening on Saturday (which had me excited), but turns out its just a ceremonial event with the opening of the final segment, Segment 3B, coming later in March.

According to a press release from the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA), TxDOT plans to transfer control of the toll road to NET RMA upon completion of the 26 mile toll road. Tolls are currently being collected on the corridor that is currently open from Hwy. 110 to Hwy. 31. The final section of Toll 49 is now scheduled to open around March 29th and will connect Hwy. 31 to I-20.

Driving by it on Hwy. 31 or Hwy. 64 or near I-20, it would appear as if the road is ready for traffic, but TxDOT says there are still numerous small projects that will need to be completed before the transfer can happen. Those small projects include striping of the lanes, signage, activation of signal lights and some road side clean up.

Hang in there because that March 29th date is literally a month away and you'll soon be able to pay for the convenience of shaving off a lot of time to travel from south Tyler to I-20.

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