It's been a long time coming, but Toll 49 is finally complete and open from I-20 to Hwy. 110 in Whitehouse. The last section of the 26 mile toll road opened to traffic yesterday evening around 6p and it didn't take long for motorists to discover its time saving capabilities, but that comes with a price!

The final stretch was opened from Hwy. 31 to I-20 and with the opening came an increase in the overall toll roads price too, some stretches of the road are now $0.12 per mile while others are still $0.10 per mile. Traveling the entire 26 mile stretch of road will cost you $3.59 even more if you don't have a Toll Tag or TxTag.

One test that was conducted yesterday by KLTV started two drivers out at the same place in Whitehouse and had them head to the same place in Lindale, one traveling Toll 49 and the other going through Tyler. The results from the experiment resulted in the car on Toll 49 arrived 10 minutes earlier than the car that went though Tyler.

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