Tomorrow night I'll in full fan girl mode, at American Airlines Center for Justin Timberlake's 20/20 World Tour. I can hardly contain my excitement.

In preparation for such a fun event, I started looking up YouTube videos of JT's tour to get an idea of what I'll experience. I stumbled onto this video that's over an hour long!?! Did I mention I'm excited?

I've seen *NSYNC in concert twice, but never Justin as a solo artist. I've seen his HBO special from his Future Sex Love Sounds Tour, but I didn't see it in person.

Last year, I had a friend who went to see him in Dallas and had such great seats she actually reached out and touched Justin. EEK! My seats are good, but it's unlikely they are that good.

I can't wait to share my experience Thursday, though I might be moving slow... Remember when NSYNC reunited?


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