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My son recently went with me to my co-host's house to walk her dog while she was out on vacation.  He saw that she had a "fireplace," and immediately asked if she was rich.  It was one of those that you buy at a home improvement store and use an electric heater that looks like a hearth to simulate a fireplace (heat and all) where you didn't have one with out having to actually build one in your house.  To be fair, it is really nice - but to him, it seemed like we had just stepped into the Rockefeller's mansion.

Growing up, I thought my dad's second wife's parents were loaded.  The first time I went to their house in Kansas (2 story, with a basement - sign number #1), they brought me downstairs where I saw their full size pinball machine.  To 8 year old me, that was pure opulence.  I loved (still do) playing with these masterpieces of gaming, and to think - I could play as much as I want without pumping in quarter after quarter (which I didn't have).  My mind was blown, I felt like I was a guest of Bill Gates.

So, I wondered what you thought a clear sign of wealth was when you were growing up.  After several comments and phone calls, I have compiled a list of the most common indicators that we, as children, saw as evidence that someone was doing pretty good for themselves.

10 Reasons Kids Think Make You Rich

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