As the weather cools down, we all need to make sure we make it through healthy and happy. The weather change means our bodies will need a few things added to the daily regime to keep up. Here are a handful of things to make sure you are doing from the Autumn season leading into winter. 

Depression, colds, flus, dry skin, and so much more plague us during the cooler weather months. So, let's make sure we are staying healthy as Autumn brings in the drop in temperatures.

1. Get some sun.

Because of things like Seasonal Affective Disorder, we all can get a little down when the Fall season brings more rain and less sun light. So when you do find a patch of sunshine beaming in, take advantage of that. It has been proven that exercise can help your mind and body. Take a brisk 5 minute walk in the sunlight when you can.

2. Protect your skin.

It is a myth that on cloudy days or even indoors the sun cannot harm your skin. The sun is coming in through windows and cloudy days do not mean that the sun completely goes away. Wear your sunscreen. It sounds like a bummer to put on every day, but think about what a bummer skin cancer will be. Besides, every gets a little bit more pale in the cooler months.

3. Beware of dryness.

Rainy weather and a chill in the air means we are all going to get a little dry around the edges. Make sure you wear lip balm to help your kisser stay healthy and prevent it from cracking. Keep a travel sized bottle of lotion to make sure your hands and elbows don't dry completely out from wind. Dry skin and chapped lips are two super annoying Autumn through Winter problems that are easily fixed.

4. Get your fluids.

You may not think that you can fall into dehydration as easily as you could in the summer now that the temperatures are a bit lower, but you can. Making sure you are getting plenty of water will also help you keep your body prepared against cold and flu season. Find a good tea or cider drink that fits this cuddle worthy weather and keep your body fueled.

5. Keep it clean.

It is a no-brainer that keeping things clean can help prevent you from getting sick during this time of year. Washing your hands and home is easy and great to keep you from being ill. But, did you ever think about cleaning out your purse or wallet? It has been proven that the inside and outside of purses, especially, and wallets are germ infested. Give them a good Fall cleaning and stay away from the cold and flu.