UPDATE: In the happiest update, the Jordan family has let us know that Ronin has been found safe.

The news came in Saturday morning.

An East Texas resident was able to locate Ronin in Marshall, and it was confirmed through photos and the collar that he was wearing that he was indeed the missing pup.

According to Stephanie Jordan, Ronin was okay when he was found and the family is now driving back from Georgia to pick him up.

East Texas always comes together in a time of need, and although a small case, getting Ronin home was a big deal to this family. Our four-legged pals are family members, and I would have done the same thing in the search for one of my dogs.

We can't wait for the family to be reunited with Ronin!

RONIN HAS BEEN FOUND! He is okay and being cared for. We are headed there now!

Please spread the word!

Posted by Stephanie Jordan on Saturday, March 13, 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who posted, shared, called, texted, and went out looking for Ronin. I am so grateful for...

Posted by Stephanie Jordan on Saturday, March 13, 2021


There is now a reward in place to help a Georgia family find their lost dog after it leapt from the family's RV as they traveled through East Texas.

In multiple posts on social media, Stephanie Jordan says she's received dozens of tips regarding her missing dog Ronin. One of the family's first leads came from a person that claimed to have seen a deceased dog matching Ronin's description near exit 617 near Marshall. Jordan was able to confirm that the dog wasn't Ronin.

Jordan says that there is now a $500 reward for Ronin's safe return to a local animal shelter, rescue, vet, or hospital.

Caring residents throughout the East Texas area have been in contact with the Jordan family on Facebook leaving as much information as they can to help bring Ronin home. Multiple dogs were scanned for microchips and found to not be Ronin.

Ronin is microchipped and will have a definite confirmation of his identity upon being scanned by a local vet, shelter, or animal rescue.

These are more photos submitted by the Jordan family in hopes of bringing Ronin home.

Credit: Stephanie Jordan
Credit: Stephanie Jordan
Credit: Stephanie Jordan
Credit: Stephanie Jordan
Credit: Stephanie Jordan
Credit: Stephanie Jordan


As a pet owner, this story made my heart sink. A family traveling through the East Texas area is now frantically searching for their four-legged family member after the dog jumped out of the family's RV.

It happened around midday Thursday

In a post to the Ruston Pets Lost & Found, Stephanie Jordan, who is from Georgia, says her family noticed their dog Ronin was missing after last seeing him in Tyler.

At some point during the family's travel through Louisiana, Jordan believes that Ronin jumped out the back window of the RV while her family was up front. When they noticed that Ronin was missing, they'd passed the Shreveport area near Simsboro.

Now they are asking for the public's help in finding Ronin. He's described as a boxer/terrier mix, mostly tan with black coloring on his nose, and is wearing a black and yellow e-collar.

Jordan describes Ronin as extremely sweet and loves people, so I hope someone is able to help them locate him.

In the same post, Jordan mentions that she received one call about a deceased dog found near exit 617 near Marshall. This hasn't been confirmed to be Ronin, and I'm sending as many positive vibes out as I can for this family.

In the search for Ronin, please be safe. Don't stop on the interstate or leave your vehicle parked near the road. You can reach out to Jordan in the Facebook post by clicking here with any information you may have as we hope to reunite this family.

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