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This is definitely one list you don't want to appear on because from what I've heard and understand, if you're on this list and end up in prison the other inmates don't take too kindly of you and your previous activities. The 'Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offenders' list is the topic of discussion here and the Texas Department Of Public Safety has just updated it with two new individuals.

Taking a look at the list of ten, half of the list has been captured, which is an amazing thing, but that still means there are five other bad dudes out there that need to be apprehended. It won't be long either before the five that are labeled as 'captured' will be replaced by five new figures that are being sought after by law enforcement. A sad statement to make, but it's true. When one falls off the list, there's another one waiting in the wings.

Why are these guys on the top 10 list?

These convicted sex criminals have been accused of doing some horrible things to others:

  • assault causing bodily injury
  • aggravated assault causes serious bodily injury
  • kidnapping
  • aggravated sexual assault (of a child)
  • possession of child pornography
  • failure to register as a sex offender

Among the faces that authorities continue to look for are Gregory Pecina, Jr., Humberto Acosta, Marcus Williams, Christopher Clover, and Arthur Stevenson. Humberto Acosta and Arthur Stevenson are among the newcomers to this most wanted list. All of these men should be considered armed and dangerous and if you see them or recognize them, it is best to call your local police department and give them a description of where they are located. YOU SHOULD NEVER TRY TO APPREHEND A WANTED FUGITIVE YOURSELF.

Take a good look at all of these guys on this list and see if you recognize any of them. Rewards are being offered through Texas Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest of these individuals. If you spot one of them, you may call that tip to the Texas Crime Stoppers hotline at 1.800.252.TIPS (8477) or leave your tip on the Crimestoppers Facebook page, website, or DPS mobile app. Anyone submitting a tip will remain anonymous and could earn that cash reward.

These Men Are Among The Most Wanted Sex Offenders In Texas

Let's take a look at the most wanted sex offenders in the state of Texas. They are to be considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend them yourself. If you spot them, call local authorities.

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