We All Know That Folks Tend To Get Desperate Around The Holidays And Will Resort To Doing Wild "Criminal" Activities Which Could Land Them In Jail After The Holidays Are Over.

Police in Texarkana are looking for two women accused of allegedly stealing from their bosses in two different and separate incidents and police plan on charging them with felony theft.

Texarkana Cops Are Looking For Kendra Dowdy

Texarkana Police
Texarkana Police

According to police, Dowdy was the office manager at a local business and started writing checks to herself from the company's accounts. By the time that the company caught on to what she was doing, she'd already managed to steal over $15,000 from them.

The case was pretty much open and shut, so a detective was able to get a warrant for her arrest quickly. He agreed to give her a couple of days to make arrangements for her kids to be taken care of on the condition that she then come to the police department on December 20th and take care of the warrant. That was two weeks ago and Dowdy still hasn't showed up to turn herself in.

They Are Also Looking For Kendall Brown

Texarkana Police
Texarkana Police

In the other case, Kendall Brown was working as the manager at a local loan company. Her crimes came to light after a customer reported that someone had taken out a loan in her name without her permission. As the company continued to look into the woman's complaint, they soon discovered four more similar loans, all with the money (about $7,500) having been deposited into a personal account that was traced back to Brown.

Once again, detectives talked to her on the phone about the case and Brown told him that she would come turn herself in. She never showed up and has since stopped taking the detectives calls. Police have tried to look for her but she doesn't live at her last known address anymore.

If You Have Any Information That Can Help Texarkana Police, Give Them A Call.

Since these ladies didn't want to cooperate, cops are putting them on blast so if you have any info about their whereabouts, give them a call at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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