The familiar red and white logo of Smashburger has been gone for some time at the two Tyler spots and now both of those locations are being replaced with new restaurants. These new establishments are called Roost and Honeybunz Cafe.

I first noticed Roost moving in to the old Smashburger location on Troup Hwy. when eating at Salsarita's a couple of weeks back. The sign gave away the new restaurant name along with what was going to be served! Roost, chicken salad and deli. It doesn't take much to conclude from a name like that, that they'll be serving up some chicken salad sandwiches and offering other deli style sandwiches! I searched for other Roost locations and came up empty, so it appears as if this is a locally operated restaurant and not just another chain - franchisee restaurant.

While driving down South Broadway a couple of days ago I noticed a vinyl banner blowing in the wind from two metal stakes in front of the other Tyler Smashbuger displaying a logo for Honeybunz Cafe breakfast and lunch coming soon! This location was pretty hard to discover online too, but after clicking a few links I did find a website placeholder through Squarespace! Nothing much on the site except the words 'Coming to Tyler this May'. The menu tab is empty, just showing the store name with a faint picture of a stack of honey buns in the background. Again, judging from the name, Honeybunz Cafe, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they'll be selling honey buns at breakfast along with other sweet treats! When you look them up online you can tell they are hiring for line cooks along with a waitstaff because their job postings come up first!

It's good to see that these two restaurant locations didn't go sitting empty for long and that someone else is giving it a try and thankfully it's not another Mexican food or pizza joint, because we already have quite a selection of those! Good luck to these two new restaurants.

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