To many in the state of Texas, health is a top priority.

When we don't feel good, we don't do things to best of our normal abilities. This, in turn, could cause problems at our job, or make us stay home, missing any big events we were looking forward to. So we all avoid things that could make us ill.

Unfortunately, there are things in the environment around us that could potentially make us feel unwell for short period of time. Most of the time it's a smell. Other times it's the dreaded (and annoying) item known as pollen.

But for two specific cities in the Lone Star State, allergies are simply the worst to deal with, as new data has revealed.

If You Have Allergies, These Two Texas Cities Aren't Your Friend

Data was collected by the Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America, which revealed some troubling news for certain Texans. Using these factors, they determined the "Allergy Capitals" in the United States:

- Tree, grass, and weed pollen scores
- Over-the-counter allergy medicine use
- Availability of board-certified allergists/immunologists

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So what cities in the Lone Star State should those with sensitivities avoid to the best of their ability? Landing in the top ten was none other than Dallas, Texas at number four. Also in the top fifteen was Houston.

El Paso was placed in the top 25 at 22nd, with Austin and McAllen taking 54th and 56th on the list respectively as well. So long story short, allergies are everywhere in the Lone Star State.

Might be best to keep those tissues close during allergy season in Texas!

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