As stir-crazy and ready to get out of the house as we all are, we may want to keep it close to home for a little while longer.

It's tempting when we look out our windows at the gorgeous sunshine and a temp above freezing to resume taking a drive--maybe even travelling. But for now, the Texas Department of Transportation urges drivers not to do so. They say "if you must drive, please use extreme caution."


Photo source: TxDOT Twitter page
Photo source: TxDOT Twitter page

Yes some are passing through OK, but the roads are still treacherous after the week of extreme winter weather we've had. Right now, road crews are still diligently working on improving the safety of the highway, via blading and treating, but the conditions are still icy and dire.

We continue to hear reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety of crashes and sliding as a result of the well below freezing temperatures. Although things are improving, we're not "there" yet. You can get updated info on road conditions anytime by calling (800) 452-9292.

You can visit their website here to get recommended best practices for driving in icy conditions.

Some of what they recommend includes:

Drive Slow. The posted speed limits are for normal driving conditions. That's not where we are right now.

Expand your following distance by at least three times the normal distance.

Keep eyes open for road crews or large equipment being used to service the roads.

Be extremely careful when going over bridges, overpasses, or even ramps.

If you do feel your car start to slide, ease up on the gas and/or brakes. You want to make sure to steer into the direction of the skid until you regain control.

Please be safe and extra, extra cautious.

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