Interstate 20 is a well traveled highway for many East Texans. Many use it for a shopping trip to Dallas or a night at the casino in Shreveport. It also makes for a quick East Texas connection for business or entertainment in, say, Longview or Canton. Interstate 20 is also a big travel way for distribution of goods amongst many states. For the Texas portion of Interstate 20, TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) is looking for ways to improve it's stretch of I-20.

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Interstate 20 stretches longer than you might think. Traveling West to East, I-20 starts at the I-10 interchange in the Kent area of West Texas. The highway doesn't end until just outside of Florence, South Carolina. If you're looking for a multi state road trip, Interstate 20 will take you through six.

Interstate 20 covers a distance of 636 miles in Texas. In that 636 miles, you will come across anything from open fields to flat land to city congestion. TxDOT is wanting to know how you use I-20, how often you travel the highway and what issues you see when you do travel the interstate. It's a survey that I just filled out at that took about five minutes to complete. The questions are very easy to answer and the information could go a long way into improving the Texas portion of the interstate.

TxDOT is looking at every aspect of the highway concerning safety, alternate routes, congestion, connectivity, existing infrastructure and more. If you want some more details into what TxDOT hopes to improve, head over to for all the details.

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