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It seems as if criminals are totally oblivious to the surveillance systems around them that are constantly monitoring each and every one of their moves. When the criminals are caught on camera doing something they shouldn't be doing, of course, their images are going to be blasted across social media thanks to local law enforcement and us.

The Tyler Police Department does a great job at describing these criminals and making me laugh at the same time when they describe what they've done on their Facebook page. The department is currently looking for three individuals from two different crimes that took place this past week and as you can imagine, their images were caught on those surveillance systems.

They thought they were starring on an episode of 'Storage Wars'.

Two suspects busted into a storage facility on E. Grande Blvd. and targeted one unit in particular. Instead of participating in a bidding war like they do on the TV show, these guys decided to help themselves to everything in the unit. They simply backed up a U-Haul and took off with the entire contents of the unit, all of which was being recorded by the eye in the sky. As the Tyler PD says, "the blurry guy even looks like he's smiling for the camera."

Shame, shame. This isn't finders keepers.

Then there's this older dude at the McDonald's on Gentry Pkwy. Tyler Police are looking for him because he decided to take a wallet that was left behind accidentally by another customer. Instead of flagging them down or taking it to the counter to turn into a store manager, he decided what was left behind automatically belonged to him. Well, needless to say, the restaurant's surveillance system also caught a glimpse of him too, and now he's wanted for theft by the Tyler Police Department.

Now if you can identify any of these subjects or if you've heard them talking around town, go ahead and call your anonymous tip into the Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers hotline at 903.597.2833 and leave the anonymous tip that you could be rewarded for. Remember, don't try to apprehend these dudes yourself by making a citizen's arrest. Call Tyler PD and let the badged guys take them into custody.

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