Just ahead of back-to-school, the Tyler ISD is talking about its new logo and slogan.

You'll start seeing the new logo pop up right away, after it was approved Monday by the Tyler Independent School District Board of Trustees. Perhaps you were even a part of the new design. The group K12 insight helped set up focus groups to come up with the design and accept input from those who wanted a say in the way the Tyler ISD is represented.

The new logo and slogan make good use of the letter "T." The new slogan is "Tomorrow's Education Today," and the logo uses the letter "T" with columns on either side, which the district says represents strength and structure, and is symbolic of the firm foundation at Tyler ISD.

The new logo will be added to circulation right away, but the old logo may hang around for awhile. The new logo will be added to older materials as they're phased out.

School starts August 27!