With tornadoes ravaging parts of Oklahoma over the past couple of weeks, people from all around the country are coming to the aid of those that have lost everything thanks to the destructive tornadoes. There are monetary, water, food and clothing drives going on right now and just as the kids of Moore MST Magnet School in Tyler ISD get ready for summer, they presented a check to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts.

The students of Moore MST Magnet School raised $1825 to give to the American Red Cross. They raised this money by donating two dollars to the fund so they could have a casual dress day. The school has a uniform dress code policy, but administrators gave the students the opportunity to participate this way so they could help out those in need. So students donated their two dollars with many students giving more than that.

This is just another example of when tragedy strikes a community, East Texas and East Texas children are there to lend a helping hand in any way they can.

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